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About Me

 When I first decided to go to massage therapy school, I had suffered the tragic loss of my mother the year before. I had completely different plans for my life before this loss. Ideas of music and stardom. The excitement and luster of those dreams sadly faded with the loss of my mother. I went into massage therapy school with hopes of just supporting myself, but while there, I found a completely new passion and philosophy.  Connecting with others, helping people with pain and spiritually becoming more enlightened and in tune with what's around me.  I've worked in many different settings doing massage. Some more holistic, some more medical, and some more spiritual.  I believe all of these approaches are important when dealing with healing. We are not all one thing or another. I have a strong interest in Ayurvedic Studies, which focuses on lifestyle changes for healthy living. I practice Chakra Energy balancing. I am now a Certified Consulting Hypnotist as well.  I'd like to continue to educate myself to be able to further my personal growth and to help others on their personal journey's.

Education and Certifications

The Massage Institute of Memphis 2004

Suncoast School of Massage in Tampa Florida 2005

Hypnosis Career Training 2021


My Philosophy

My business name Kokoro really encompasses everything I believe we need to focus on to live a happy and fulfilling life.  Kokoro is a Japanese word that means, "body, mind, spirit."  If you are said to have a good kokoro, you are healthy in all three areas at once. How many of us can say we have a good or healthy kokoro?  I'm sure not many of us can say confidently that we do, but that's ok. We are all on a journey. We are all faced with struggles, physically, mentally and spiritually, on a daily bases. When we are struggling in just one of these areas, often the other areas are effected as well.  Through Massage, Hypnosis and Energy work, I believe I can assist people with a complete body, mind and spirit approach to healing. If there is anything that you are dealing with that is beyond my scope of practice, I know many professionals in the healing industry that I can refer you to. 

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