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Chakra balancing

Balancing the 7 energy channels along midline of the body.

  • 1 h
  • 75 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Chakras Chakras originated in India and are a part of both Hindu and Buddhist practices. The chakra energy work that I do originates within more contemporary Hindu (within the last 4 to five centuries) and tantric (meaning tool) beliefs. In this practice there are seven major Chakras through which Prana (life force energy) flows. More specifically 6 major chakras along the front of the body, plus 1, the crown chakra that arises at the top of the head. In many teachings there are more than seven energy centers throughout the body and there are several different ways to balance this energy, but the main purpose of any chakra system is to function as a visual guide for meditation, healing and enlightenment. In Sanskrit Chakra means wheel and each of these channels moves energy in and out of our bodies constantly. Chakra energy spins in a clockwise direction as it moves energy OUT of our bodies. It spins counterclockwise to pull energy IN to our bodies. Each chakra can rotate in and out from the front of the body, but also from the back of the body, with the exception of the crown chakra which rotates from the top of our heads. . It is good to remember that no chakra is more important than another. They each have a purpose and when one is out of balance, it often effects the others. The key word is balance. Your chakras can be overactive, under-active, closed or balanced. For example when someone has hurt you, your heart chakra may become under active or closed off. This can create a chain reaction of imbalance, causing other chakras to become overactive to make up the difference. Below is a very basic description of your chakras, their location, their functionality and there vibrational color. Chakra/ location / function / vibrational color 1. Root/ base of spine/ grounding/ red 2. Sacral/ sacrum/ relationships/ orange 3. Solar plexus/ just above navel/ willpower/ yellow 4. Heart/ middle of chest/ love/ green 5. Throat/ throat/ speaking your truth/ blue 6. Third eye/ between eyes/ intuition/ indigo 7. Crown/ top of head/ divine connection/ purple or

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